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Design Philosophy

At Amy Aidinis Hirsch, our goal is to translate our client’s individual needs into a comprehensive design plan that delivers inspired use of space, an innovative take on furnishings and materials and, above all, custom-fit details that are at once functional and aesthetic. We approach every project with a meticulous attention to architectural structure, design research and sourcing, using the elements of the interior to create a completely unique haven for each of our clients.

We believe the best tool we have at Amy Aidinis Hirsch is our ability to listen. From the beginning, our objective is to express the aesthetic and lifestyle needs of our client with the most vibrant and visually sophisticated environment possible. Our firm brings to every home a dedication to start-to-finish client service and an intimate knowledge of the many steps and processes needed to most fully realize your design objective. Our role is to guide and curate, bringing together versatile vision, design expertise and experience to achieve an effect that in end looks effortless.

Our method at Amy Aidinis Hirsch features a real understanding and expert execution of architectural detail. With the architecture of your space as a starting point, we create uniquely sourced and custom-built elements and build layers of design onto this underlying foundation. It’s a process that requires countless interactions with artisans and tradespeople, constant client communication and immersion in every part of the design. Our team of design professionals ensures efficiency every step of the way, managing each project with an exceptional commitment to both creativity and client service.